Saturday, October 26, 2013

Seasons of life & a dream board

A wise friend reminded me this week that life has seasons.  Not all of them are joyful, but not all of them are bad either.  As we discussed this in the car, I realized that my season of life is getting in the way of my running, but I'm learning to be okay with that.

My little ones are small, but mighty! 
I  mean, with faces like that, it's hard not to be okay with making sacrifices for them and their well-being.  But, I'm human and some days I struggle with it. My wise friend reminded me that during this season where I have toddlers and a husband away from home, working hard for his family in service to his country, I need to let go of perfection and trying to please all people.  Life is more enjoyable when you can find the joy in the everyday parts of the season you're in, rather than wishing it away.

Ouch, totally guilty some days.

As a typical type A (or so overly type A we call it triple-A in my major) personality, I plan, I organize, and I overcommit all while expecting it all to be perfect.  As my wise friend reminded me, family comes first and there was only one perfect person (and I'm not Him!)

So, while I've been busy being mom and finishing graduate school I'm not running with the regularity and race times I want.  But, I have been reflecting and I've realized a couple of things:

1. Running is not my career.  I don't get paid to do it, I'm not going to get sponsored, and I'm not an elite runner.  What I am is a determined mother runner who sees the benefits running has had for me both athletically and personally.  I want to continue to capitalize on that to be the best athlete and person I can be.

2. Having goals is great - but not when they take over your life or working to achieve them is no longer enjoyable.  I had taken on too much, as usual, and running was starting to become just one more thing to get done.  That, I am NOT okay with, at all.  So, I'm re-evaluating my goals, and more specifically, the time frame for those goals.  I like to get things accomplished quickly.  I'm learning though, sometimes it's better to wait.

3.  The spontaneous runs, with or without kids, are sometimes the best.  Over and over again this crazy semester I've made a spur of the moment decision to go for a quick run, figuring 20-30 minutes was better than no run at all.  These short runs have been some of my best, either for feeling good, stress relief, or sometimes even time! Not everything has to be planned down to the last detail. :)

That being said, I'm making a dream/goal/bucket list for the coming year.  Rhonda from Motivation Rhonda has really gotten under my skin with all her talk about it - in a good way.  I'm actually going to do it.  As soon as my last final exam is over, I'm taking myself on a date to Hobby Lobby and getting supplies to spend an afternoon creating a dream board where I can be reminded of my goals and dreams.  Like Rhonda says, the first step to making them happen is writing them down to make them real.

But for now, Tylenol, snuggles, and two tiny voices are calling my name...."Mommy!"

Gotta Run :)

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